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2013-01-14 12:36 pm

Easement for ingress, egress and regress

What's in here: I write about books mostly, and sometimes about history, my life (in which I work as a paralegal and moonlight as a history student), and varying other interests. I am fannish, but mostly by association, and don't follow most television, movie, comics, or gaming fandoms. You can find my book reviews on Goodreads and [community profile] 50books_poc.

Privacy: This journal became access-locked in 2012 when another website (now gone) scraped its content. I don't have any specific privacy needs, but do want my legal name, this name, and the name that belonged to my old livejournal to be kept separate in public.

Access and subscriptions: I give access to anyone I subscribe to, since it's no fun to be followed by an unreadable journal. If you add me and think I might not recognize your name, please leave a comment on this post (comments are screened).

Communication: I'm not a great commenter -- I don't always manage to respond to every comment on my own posts, and seldom leave comments on other people's. This doesn't mean I don't like you or didn't read what you wrote! If you want to contact me privately, I will always see messages in my Dreamwidth inbox, although I might not respond right away.